Reset Password MD3200i

You will need the serial management cable. This cable has a connector that resembles a PS2 plug on the one side and RS232 COM port on the other side

Plug this into your PC or laptop and make sure its connected to “controller 0” on the Dell PowerVault MD3200i (The top one) When the lead is connected, use Putty to establish a serial connection. You will need to set the baud rate to 115200

To get into the service menu you need to press the following keys in the Putty Terminal Windows: <Ctrl> & Pause / Break Then type CAPITAL S for Service Interface followed by the enter key. The default password here is “supportDell” – case sensitive. From here you can:

  • Display the Current IP configuration
  • Change the Current IP configuration
  • Reset Storage Array Administrator Password

Alternatively, if you have the IP addresses already or they are still on their default IP address, you can reset the password by pressing and holding for 5 seconds the “password reset button” which is located on the rear of the Dell PowerVault MD3200i, right beside the controllers.
The password reset switch functionality was disabled starting from controller firmware and later versions

Default passwords

IBM / 3576-L5B Operator Panel Username admin Password secure

MD3200i Username Administrator Password supportDell