Default passwords

IBM / 3576-L5B Operator Panel Username admin Password secure

MD3200i Username Administrator Password supportDell

ASU Utility

Update the serial number of the system using the ASU (see below)

IBM article on how to use the utility: Link for the download which also has instructions (up to version 9.63):

If you are looking for ASU for new Lenovo Products, please refer to the following link:

To change the serial number information, use the following syntax:

ASU set SYSTEM_PROD_DATA.SysInfoSerialNum SN_info

where SN_info is the serial number of the system.

For example:

ASU set SYSTEM_PROD_DATA.SysInfoSerialNum 1234567

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Data collection DS Storage Systems

GUI (depends on firmware version)

a) Advanced -> Troubleshooting -> Support Data -> Collect…
b) Support tab -> Gather Support Information -> Save Support Information
c) Support tab -> Gather Support Information
d) Monitor -> Health -> Collect Support Data…
e) Monitor -> Health -> Collect Support Data Manually…


SMcli ctrl_a ctrl_b -c ‘save storageSubsystem supportData file=”/<path>/supportdata”;’

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X Series IMM info

Login to the IMM using ssh/telnet and issue the following commands

led -l

readlog -a


vpd -dsa

vpd -sys

vpd -imm

vpd -fw

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Convert DSA report

Convert DSA report from xml to html

ibm_utl_dsa_version.exe -v -x -i C:\IBM-DSA\xxxxxx_xxxxxx_date_file.xml.gz

Search within xml for dsaproduct to find version

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