Prepare removing an NVMe PCIe SSD

To perform the Prepare to Remove task:

  1. Ensure that there is no I/O traffic running on the PCIe SSD.
    1. On Linux platforms, unmount any file systems mounted on the device.
  2. Expand the Storage tree object to display the storage component objects.
  3. Expand the PCIe SSD SubSystem object.
  4. Expand the PCIe SSD Extender object, if applicable.
  5. Expand the Enclosure (Backplane) object.
  6. Select the Physical Devices object.
  7. Select the Prepare To Remove from the Available Tasks drop-down menu task.
  8. Click Execute. The following warning message is displayed:
    “Warning: Are you sure you want to prepare the physical device for removal?”
  9. Select Prepare to Remove Physical Device to proceed or select Go Back to previous page to cancel the operation.
Last Updated On November 08, 2018